Fluidized Bed Dryer

Fluidized Bed Dryers offer a method of drying that uses airflow to create a drying environment. This innovative approach excels, in handling materials accurately setting it apart from methods.

Reasons to Choose a Fluidized Bed Dryer

Opting for this dryer means opting for innovation. These dryers are known for their energy efficiency and precise control. Operating at controlled temperatures ensures the preservation of material integrity for heat products. This results in a drying process that prevents overheating and ensures consistent moisture removal.

Benefits of Using a Fluidized Bed Dryer

Integrating this technology into your production line boosts efficiency by evenly distributing heat to prevent hotspots and maintain product quality during the drying process.

Moreover incorporating a Fluidized Bed system into your operations not saves energy. Also improves product quality. These systems are versatile and reliable meeting quality standards across industries from pharmaceuticals to food production.

Our Fluidized Bed Dryer represents efficiency and reliability setting standards, for material processing. Whether you’re dealing with pharmaceuticals, food items or chemicals our tailored solutions aim to deliver top notch results. By integrating Fluidized Bed Drying into your operations you can achieve drying outcomes.Let our advanced technology guide your processes towards a time of increased productivity and success.

Explore More Drying Technologies

We offer a variety of drying technologies to meet diverse industrial needs. Explore our other drying devices and find the solution that fits your requirements. Check out the links below for more information:

  • Spray Dryer: For rapid moisture removal, suitable for a wide range of liquid materials.
  • Flash Dryer: Efficient and rapid drying for powders and granules, ideal for heat-sensitive materials.
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Solution for Batch Drying Granules and Powder:
The Vertical Fluid Bed Dryer stirs materials to create a fluidized bed with air promoting contact, for quick drying or cooling. Specifically designed for batch production it allows for bed heights than horizontal fluidized bed dryers commonly paired with wet granulation machines.

Input: Powders and Granules, moisture <20%

Output: Powders and Granules, moisture 3%-5%

Temperature: Inlet air temperature <100°C

Additional Feature: Convertible to a spray fluidized bed granulator
Fluidized Bed Drying with Built In Mixing:
The Vertical Blending Fluidized Bed Dryer comes equipped with a mixing mechanism that aids in creating a fluidized bed within the container when handling heavy loads. This device is ideal for mass production. Is capable of processing thick substances typically paired with wet granulation setups.

Input: Powder and Granules,moisture <20%

Output: Powder and Granules,moisture 3%-5%

Temperature: Inlet air temperature <100°C

Additional Feature: Stirring,Cooling
Versatile Continuous Drying for Granules and Powder:
The Horizontal Fluidized Bed Dryer effectively aerates damp substances using air enabling drying or cooling. Designed for manufacturing it offers duration periods from a few seconds, to minutes guaranteeing effective processing.

Input: Powders and Granules, moisture <20%

Output: Powders and Granules, moisture 3%-5%

Temperature: Inlet air temperature <100°C

Additional Feature: Cooling
Continuous Drying Solution with Horizontal Fluidized Bed Dryer:
Operating on the principle of fluidization combined with vibrations, the Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer processes granules by circulating them with air that effectively heats granules. This approach minimizes damage to the surface. Prevents pollution due to its enclosed design. Moreover it provides granules a period to settle and facilitates production.

Input: Granules with moisture content<20%

Output: Granules with 1%-5% moisture content

Temperature: Inlet air temperature <200°C

Additional Feature: Cooling
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