RETCL provides high-precision industrial cooling equipment for various processes. Our cooling systems for dryers and granulators are reliable and efficient. These machines enhance cooling in different applications, meeting high standards and delivering precise results.

Our industrial cooling equipment includes tray dryers, also known as reliable cooling systems for dryers or tray drying equipment. Additionally, belt dryers, referred to as belt drying equipment, ensure efficient cooling of materials. Fluidized bed granulators, also called cooling systems for granulators, offer thorough cooling for granular materials.

Moreover, we offer vertical blending fluidized bed dryers and wet rapid mixing granulators, both essential for consistent cooling. Vacuum drum scraper dryers and spiral vibrating dryers are designed to handle specific cooling needs. Furthermore, fluidized bed spray granulators, horizontal fluidized bed dryers, and horizontal vibrating fluidized bed dryers provide advanced cooling solutions.

Our industrial cooling equipment meets industry standards. Because we understand the importance of quality in cooling processes, we ensure our equipment operates efficiently and reliably. Trust RETCL for your cooling equipment needs. Contact us to learn more about our solutions.

Explore More Technologies

We offer advanced solutions for various industrial technologies. Explore our different technologies and find the equipment that fits your needs. Check out the links below for more information:

Batch Drying: Our batch drying equipment provides efficient and uniform drying of materials, suitable for small to medium-scale production.

Wet Granulation: RETCL’s wet granulation solutions offer efficient processing for high-quality granules, ideal for pharmaceutical and food industries.

High-Efficiency Versatile Industrial Tray Dryer Oven:
The industrial tray dryer oven is well known for its efficiency and versatility. This drying oven improves efficiency by eliminating air while circulating air inside. It is perfect, for drying materials. Offers various tray choices such, as perforated, wire mesh and flat trays that can be tailored based on size and quantity preferences.

Input: Powders, Granules, Flakes, Strips, Blocks, Pastes, Slurries

Output: Powders, Granules, Flakes, Strips, Blocks with 3%-8% moisture content

Temperature: Inlet air temperature less than 300°C

Additional Feature: Cooling
Continuous Convection Dryer with Mesh Belt:
This Belt Dryer can be set up with either one or mesh layers ensuring a spread of materials, for air drying in a particular direction. Its speed can be adjusted depending on the temperature and moisture content of the materials enabling it to operate at temperatures and handle processing of sizable batches.

Input: Permeable solids in sheets, strips, granules or blocks

Output: Sheet, strip, granule or block solids with 3%-8% moisture content

Temperature: Inlet air temperature <200°C

Additional Feature: Cooling
All-in-One Mixing, Granulating, and Drying:
Materials form a fluidized bed below, where granules are created in the granulation chamber with the help of spray nozzles dispensing binders. The hopper allows for the addition of multiple raw materials, which are mixed during the fluidization process.

Input: Main ingredient as powder, adhesive in liquid form

Output: Solid medium-sized granules with 3%-5% moisture content

Type: Spray Fluidized Bed, Wet Granulation

Additional Feature: Mixing, Drying, Cooling
Fluidized Bed Drying with Built In Mixing:
The Vertical Blending Fluidized Bed Dryer comes equipped with a mixing mechanism that aids in creating a fluidized bed within the container when handling heavy loads. This device is ideal for mass production. Is capable of processing thick substances typically paired with wet granulation setups.

Input: Powder and Granules,moisture <20%

Output: Powder and Granules,moisture 3%-5%

Temperature: Inlet air temperature <100°C

Additional Feature: Stirring,Cooling
Cutting edge Wet Granulation Technology:
A paddle located at the base swiftly mixes powders and sticky substances within a tube shaped container. Subsequently a rapid chopper, on the side chops the mixture into wet particles to prevent clumping. This rapid process facilitates mixing and formation of particles within minutes. Moreover the Wet Rapid Mixing Granulator can provide heating or cooling as necessary.

Input: Main material in powder form, binding agent as paste

Output: Solid, loose granules with approximately 15% moisture content

Type: Mixing Granulation, Wet Granulation

Additional Feature: Mixing, Mild Crushing, Heating, Cooling
Continuous Drying for Paste-like Materials:
When using drying for paste materials the rotating drum sticks the material, onto it creating a thin layer. Heat moves from the inside, to the outside of the drum effectively removing moisture. This method guarantees drying and the inner scraper converts the material into flake shaped products quickly.

Input: Pasty,Viscous and Thick Materials

Output: Flake-like Solids with 5%-8% moisture content

Temperature: Inlet air temperature range of 120°C to 260°C

Additional Feature: Cooling
Method for Drying Pellets and Granules:
The Spiral Vibrating Dryer effectively dries substances by using centrifugal vibration and gravity to make materials move in a bouncing manner from the top to the bottom along the spiral bed. Fresh hot air comes in from below thoroughly interacting with the material, for heat and mass transfer then leaves through the top ensuring drying.

Input: Granular,short rod and spherical solids with <20% moisture

Output: Granules,short rods and spheres with 3%-5% moisture

Temperature: Inlet air temperature <100°C

Additional Feature: Cooling
Combines Mixing, Granulating, Drying for High-Excipient Granulation:
Excipient-rich granulation processes find an ideal match in this unit. Here, excipients in the hopper form a fluidized bed, acting as seeds or carriers. The main material, typically a liquid extract constituting a smaller proportion, is sprayed from above, merging at the bed’s edge for granulation. This method is particularly suited for heat-sensitive materials.

Input: Carrier materials in powder form, main material in liquid form

Output: Solid medium-sized granules,3%-5% moisture content

Type: Spray Fluidized Bed, Wet Granulation

Additional Feature: Mixing, Drying, Cooling
Versatile Continuous Drying for Granules and Powder:
The Horizontal Fluidized Bed Dryer effectively aerates damp substances using air enabling drying or cooling. Designed for manufacturing it offers duration periods from a few seconds, to minutes guaranteeing effective processing.

Input: Powders and Granules, moisture <20%

Output: Powders and Granules, moisture 3%-5%

Temperature: Inlet air temperature <100°C

Additional Feature: Cooling
Continuous Drying Solution with Horizontal Fluidized Bed Dryer:
Operating on the principle of fluidization combined with vibrations, the Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer processes granules by circulating them with air that effectively heats granules. This approach minimizes damage to the surface. Prevents pollution due to its enclosed design. Moreover it provides granules a period to settle and facilitates production.

Input: Granules with moisture content<20%

Output: Granules with 1%-5% moisture content

Temperature: Inlet air temperature <200°C

Additional Feature: Cooling
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