FG-Vertical Fluidized Bed Dryer

Solution for Batch Drying Granules and Powder:
The Vertical Fluid Bed Dryer stirs materials to create a fluidized bed with air promoting contact, for quick drying or cooling. Specifically designed for batch production it allows for bed heights than horizontal fluidized bed dryers commonly paired with wet granulation machines.

Input: Powders and Granules, moisture <20%

Output: Powders and Granules, moisture 3%-5%

Temperature: Inlet air temperature <100°C

Additional Feature: Convertible to a spray fluidized bed granulator

Energy Efficient Vertical Fluidized Bed Drying Technology

The Vertical Fluidized Bed Dryer makes use of fluidized bed technology to ensure an efficient and consistent drying process. With its layout it saves space while improving efficiency and material handling capacity. This dryer is especially suitable for drying perishable materials maintaining their quality reducing energy consumption and boosting productivity.

A sophisticated vertical fluidized bed dryer dominates an industrial room with shiny stainless steel surfaces. To the left, a tall cylindrical structure with various ports and gauges is present, indicative of the fluidizing chamber. In the foreground, complex machinery with tubing and control panels is seen, likely for material handling and processing within the dryer system.



A technician in blue protective clothing and hairnet is squatting while examining a clipboard and a digital device in a clean industrial environment. Above him, two large, shiny stainless steel vessels are suspended from the ceiling, connected to various pipes and hoses in blue, pink, and white. The machinery appears to be part of a sophisticated processing system, possibly for chemicals or pharmaceuticals, with a focus on hygiene and precision.
A green 3D paper airplane, crafted with intricate folds and a sharp, aerodynamic design, isolated on a white background.
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