RETCL provides high-precision equipment for sludge processing. Our dryers, mixers, and pulverizers are designed to be reliable and efficient. These machines enhance sludge treatment and processing, meeting high standards and delivering precise results.

Sludge dryers, also known as dryers for sludge or sludge drying equipment, ensure efficient drying and dewatering of sludge. Additionally, sludge mixers, also called mixers for sludge or sludge mixing equipment, provide thorough and even mixing of sludge and treatment agents. Sludge pulverizers, also known as pulverizers for sludge or sludge crushing equipment, efficiently reduce material size for further processing and recycling.

Our sludge processing equipment meets industry standards. Understanding the importance of quality in sludge treatment, we ensure our equipment operates efficiently and reliably. Trust RETCL for your sludge equipment needs. Contact us to learn more about our solutions.

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Environment: Our equipment aids in environmental management, offering efficient solutions for waste treatment and resource recovery.

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Straightforward Design, Eliminating Awkward Corners:
The Sigma Mixer comes with a mixing chamber shaped like a trough and paddles mounted on the shaft providing sealing and mixing capabilities. Perfect for blending powders, granules and small amounts of liquid.

Input: Powders, Granules, Small Amounts of Liquid

Type: Dry Mixing, Mild Wet Mixing
Primary Crushing Solution:
Typically used for processing hard, large-sized solid materials, the Coarse Pulverizer effectively serves as a preliminary step before further fine pulverization, optimizing subsequent crushing processes.

Input: Brittle Solids (<100mm)

Output: 0.5 to 20 mesh
Versatile Pulverizing Technology:
With its versatile pulverizing technology the Hammer Mill finds applications across industries. Its adaptable design features customizable blades, collection systems, cooling mechanisms and dust removal systems making it suitable, for processing a range of materials.

Input: Brittle Solids (<15mm)

Output: 50 to 150 mesh
Vacuum Conduction Dryer with Hollow Paddle Agitator:
The Vacuum Conduction Dryer, with Hollow Paddle Agitator stands out with its heating surface and wedge shaped hollow paddle agitators outperforming conventional rake vacuum dryers in terms of heating effectiveness. This equipment aids in the movement and heating of materials operating under vacuum at temperatures making it suitable, for handling flammable explosive organic solvent based, as well as heat sensitive materials.

Input: Liquids, Slurries, Pastes, Mashes

Output: Powder with 3%-10% moisture content

Temperature: Heat source temperature range of 50°C to 200°C

Additional Feature: Mixing, Mild Crushing
Optimal Choice for Ultra-Fine Granularity:
The Impact Pulverizer enables grinding materials to a particle size of 400 mesh or even finer making manufacturing processes easier. Additionally it can be equipped with a cyclone collector and bag type dust remover, for processing.

Input: Brittle Solids (up to 10mm)

Output: 80 to 450 mesh
Rake Agitator Vacuum Conduction Dryer:
The Rake Dryer comes with a large area jacket heating system and a rake agitator that increases the heating surface area making it easier to move and heat materials. It can operate at temperatures under vacuum conditions making it perfect, for handling flammable, organic solvent and heat sensitive materials.

Input: Liquids, Slurries, Pastes, Mashes

Output: Powder with 3%-10% moisture content

Temperature: Heat source temperature range of 50°C to 200°C

Additional Feature: Stirring, Mild Crushing
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