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RETCL provides high-precision industrial dry mixing equipment for various applications. Our dry mixing systems are reliable and efficient. These machines enhance mixing in different processes, meeting high standards and delivering precise results.

Our industrial dry mixing equipment includes sigma mixers, conical ribbon screw blenders, and conical screw mixers, all known as effective dry mixing systems. Additionally, we offer high speed mixers and ploughshare mixers, which are essential for consistent dry mixing. Rotary drum mixers, horizontal ribbon mixers, V blenders, and double cone blenders ensure thorough mixing of materials.

Moreover, our dry mixing technology ensures efficient and precise processing for various materials and applications. Because we understand the importance of quality in dry mixing processes, we ensure our equipment operates efficiently and reliably. Trust RETCL for your dry mixing equipment needs. Contact us to learn more about our solutions.

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We offer advanced solutions for various industrial technologies. Explore our different technologies and find the equipment that fits your needs. Check out the links below for more information:

Wet Blending: RETCL’s wet blending technology provides efficient and uniform mixing of wet materials, ideal for various industrial applications.

Coarse Pulverizing: Our coarse pulverizing equipment efficiently reduces large materials to coarse particles, suitable for initial processing stages.


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Straightforward Design, Eliminating Awkward Corners:
The Sigma Mixer comes with a mixing chamber shaped like a trough and paddles mounted on the shaft providing sealing and mixing capabilities. Perfect for blending powders, granules and small amounts of liquid.

Input: Powders, Granules, Small Amounts of Liquid

Type: Dry Mixing, Mild Wet Mixing
Equipped with Rotating Spiral Belt:
With a screw encased in a belt both rotating simultaneously to create a swirling motion. This setup allows materials to move upwards in a spiral from the base of the cone and then descend due to gravity. Additionally optional features, like spray atomization, jacket heating or cooling are also available.

Input: Solids, Powders, Granules, Liquids

Type: Dry Mixing, Wet Mixing

Additional Feature: Humidifying, Drying, Cooling
Mixer with Multiple Motion Options:
Available in cone or double cone designs the Double Cone Blender features sealing. The chamber moves back and forth on the X axis three times to mix materials ensuring high quality results.

Input: Solid Powders, Granules

Type: Dry Mixing
Complex Motion by Dual Rotating Screws:
Move around creating a spiral motion that lifts materials from the bottom of the cone and allows them to fall naturally due, to gravity. The addition of spray atomization and jacket heating or cooling increases its flexibility.

Input: Solids, Powders, Granules, Liquids

Type: Dry Mixing, Wet Mixing

Additional Feature: Humidifying, Drying, Cooling
Rapid Mixing Capability:
By using high speed chopper blades positioned on the sides of the machine the High Speed Mixer effectively. Stirs materials boosting their movement and consequently enhancing mixing efficiency. The collaborative effort of these blades guarantees that materials undergo consistent blending within a timeframe with each blend taking only a few minutes.

Input: Powders, Granules, Minor Liquids

Type: Dry Mixing, Mild Wet Mixing

Additional Feature: Mild Crushing
Great for processing materials that require breaking down:
The Ploughshare Mixer consists of a transmission system, a cylinder, ploughs and flying blades. The ploughs promote movement along the cylinder wall while the high speed flying blades disperse materials efficiently making it ideal, for dealing with substances and ensuring quick and even mixing.

Input: Powders, Granules, Small amounts of liquids

Type: Dry Mixing, Mild Wet Mixing

Additional Feature: Mild Crushing
Versatile Motion Rotary Drum Mixer:
The Versatile Motion Rotary Drum Mixer revolutionizes mixing by moving along or combining the x, y, and z axes. It ensures a simple, yet effective, thorough mixing of solid powders and granules, ideal for dry mixing.

Input: Solid powders, Granules

Type: Dry Mixing
Multifunctional and Efficient Blender:
The V Blender’s unique shape and rotation use gravity to gently mix materials, ensuring even distribution without damage.

Input: Solid powders, Granules

Type: Dry Mixing
Equipped with Horizontal Screw Belts:
The Horizontal Ribbon Mixer offers efficiency in material blending. The setup includes a cylinder, with a shaft and surrounding screw belts that rotate at an equal speed along the x axis. The outer belts collect materials from both ends, towards the center while the inner belts move materials from the center to the ends promoting mixing.

Input: Powders, Granules, Small amounts of liquid

Type: Dry Mixing, Mild Wet Mixing
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