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RETCL provides high-precision industrial vacuum drying equipment for various applications. Our vacuum drying systems are reliable and efficient. These machines enhance vacuum drying in different processes, meeting high standards and delivering precise results.

Our industrial vacuum drying equipment includes home food freeze dryers, cabinet freeze dryers, and benchtop freeze dryers, known as effective vacuum drying systems. We also offer pilot freeze dryers and round freeze dryers, which are essential for consistent vacuum drying. Vacuum drum scraper dryers and vacuum horizontal disc dryers ensure thorough drying of materials.

Additionally, we provide double cone rotary vacuum dryers, static vacuum cabinet dryers, and ribbon conical vacuum dryers, all designed to handle specific vacuum drying needs. Our vacuum drying technology includes vacuum rake dryers, vacuum paddle dryers, and vacuum vertical plate dryers, ensuring efficient drying for various materials and applications.

Our industrial vacuum drying equipment meets industry standards. Understanding the importance of quality in vacuum drying processes, we ensure our equipment operates efficiently and reliably. Trust RETCL for your vacuum drying equipment needs. Contact us to learn more about our solutions.

Explore More Technologies

We offer advanced solutions for various industrial technologies. Explore our different technologies and find the equipment that fits your needs. Check out the links below for more information:

Conduction Drying: Our conduction drying technology offers precise control and efficient heat transfer for uniform drying of materials.

Low Temperature Drying: Ideal for heat-sensitive materials, our low-temperature drying solutions maintain product integrity while achieving optimal drying.


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Accurate Freeze Drying, for Uses:
The Benchtop Freeze Dryer merges freeze drying technology with features to enhance performance efficiency. In settings, like labs and small scale production this method effectively keeps pharmaceutical materials intact by preserving their properties and structural integrity during the freeze drying procedure.

Input: Biological specimens, pharmaceuticals, food products

Output: Dried products with preserved integrity

Temperature:-58℃ to -110°C
State of the Art Cabinet Freeze Dryer for Industrial Use:
This Cabinet Freeze Dryer is meticulously crafted to extract moisture efficiently from an array of products. By employing a freeze drying technique it effectively lowers temperatures, to optimal levels. Ensuring top notch preservation and quality by converting moisture from solid, to vapor without any loss.

Input: Pharmaceutical ingredients, food products, chemical compounds

Output: Stably dried and preserved materials

Temperature:-50°C to -80°C
Conical Vacuum Dryer with Hollow Ribbon Technology:
With its jacket and ribbon design the Conical Vacuum Dryer provides a heating surface, efficient material loading and smooth discharge without any dead angles. The ribbon facilitates mixing for heating and blending processes. This dryer is perfect for operating under low temperature vacuum conditions making it suitable, for handling explosive and heat sensitive materials.

Input: Loose powdery, granular solids

Output: Powder with 3%-5% moisture content

Temperature: Heat source temperature <200°C

Additional Feature: Stirring and mixing
Vacuum Dryer with Pulse Back-Blow Function:
The Square Static Vacuum Dryer comes with spacious hollow heating tubes, warming materials on trays. It is perfect for operating at temperatures in a vacuum suitable, for handling explosive and heat sensitive materials while maintaining their original characteristics and properties.

Input: Liquids, Slurries, Pastes and Thick Materials

Output: Lump Solids with 3%-5% moisture content

Temperature: Heat source temperature <100°C
Continuous Drying for Paste-like Materials:
When using drying for paste materials the rotating drum sticks the material, onto it creating a thin layer. Heat moves from the inside, to the outside of the drum effectively removing moisture. This method guarantees drying and the inner scraper converts the material into flake shaped products quickly.

Input: Pasty,Viscous and Thick Materials

Output: Flake-like Solids with 5%-8% moisture content

Temperature: Inlet air temperature range of 120°C to 260°C

Additional Feature: Cooling
Experience easy Home Freeze Drying with the RETCL PROCESS:
The compact and efficient Home Food Freeze Dryer is designed for use providing top notch results with hassle. This user friendly appliance is ideal, for preserving foods while keeping their nutrients and flavors intact. The freeze drying process consists of freezing, drying (sublimation) and secondary drying (adsorption) guaranteeing that your food remains well preserved for long term storage.

Input: Fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and prepared meals

Output: Freeze-dried food with extended shelf life

Temperature:-50°C to -80°C (standard)
Vacuum Conduction Dryer with Hollow Paddle Agitator:
The Vacuum Conduction Dryer, with Hollow Paddle Agitator stands out with its heating surface and wedge shaped hollow paddle agitators outperforming conventional rake vacuum dryers in terms of heating effectiveness. This equipment aids in the movement and heating of materials operating under vacuum at temperatures making it suitable, for handling flammable explosive organic solvent based, as well as heat sensitive materials.

Input: Liquids, Slurries, Pastes, Mashes

Output: Powder with 3%-10% moisture content

Temperature: Heat source temperature range of 50°C to 200°C

Additional Feature: Mixing, Mild Crushing
Cutting-edge Precision Freeze Drying Technology:
The Pilot Freeze Dryer stands out for its accuracy and precision making it a crucial tool, in sectors like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and food processing. This freeze dryer is designed to uphold the chemical and structural integrity of products by drying them at temperatures under vacuum conditions. It provides shelf configurations to accommodate a variety of substances ranging from delicate biological materials, to sturdy chemical compounds.

Input: Liquid, extracts, blocks, slices, stripes

Output: Dehydrated Liquids, Concentrated Extracts, Dried Blocks, Dry Slices, Dry Stripes

Temperature: Capable of achieving temperatures as low as -55°C

Additional Feature: Defrost System
Effective Continuous Vacuum Conduction Dryer:
The Vacuum Plate Dryer incorporates discs for efficient heating providing a generous heating surface in a compact layout. It excels in vacuum operations at temperatures making it ideal for managing flammable, explosive and heat sensitive materials.

Input: Loose powder, Granules

Output: Powder, Granules with 3%-8% moisture content

Temperature: Heat source temperature <200°C
Efficient Industrial Freeze Drying, with RETCL PROCESS:
The RETCL PROCESS Round Freeze Dryer is an industrial grade solution tailored for businesses requiring freeze drying on a scale. With cooling technology and a unique cylindrical design this sturdy equipment can handle quantities effectively ensuring consistent drying results and excellent long term storage across various product types.

Input: Large batches of pharmaceuticals, biological samples, food products, and more

Output: Uniformly freeze-dried products with extended shelf life and retained quality

Temperature: Adjustable settings ranging from -50°C to -80°C
Dependable Vacuum Conduction Drying Solution:
The Double Cone Rotary Vacuum Dryer includes a heating system and an interior free of angles making it highly adaptable. With its barrel rotation it effectively blends the contents. Suitable for low temperature operation in a vacuum setting it can manage organic solvent based materials, as well as those sensitive, to heat.

Input: Loose powdery and granular solids

Output: Powder, Granules with <5% moisture content

Temperature: Heat source temperature <200°C

Additional Feature: Mixing
Rake Agitator Vacuum Conduction Dryer:
The Rake Dryer comes with a large area jacket heating system and a rake agitator that increases the heating surface area making it easier to move and heat materials. It can operate at temperatures under vacuum conditions making it perfect, for handling flammable, organic solvent and heat sensitive materials.

Input: Liquids, Slurries, Pastes, Mashes

Output: Powder with 3%-10% moisture content

Temperature: Heat source temperature range of 50°C to 200°C

Additional Feature: Stirring, Mild Crushing
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