Products and services from RETCL PROCESS can be used for laboratory applications. We design our products to deliver precise and reliable Laboratory Dryer solutions for various scientific and industrial uses.

Key Features

  • Precision: High-accuracy sensors ensure reliable measurements.
  • Durability: Robust construction withstands demanding lab environments.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interface facilitates simple operation.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various applications including food processing, pharmaceuticals, and research.

Why Choose Us?
Choose RETCL for quality, precision, and reliability. We design our Laboratory Dryer with the user in mind, ensuring easy operation and accurate results. Whether you’re in the scientific, industrial, or food processing field, our freeze-drying solutions will meet and exceed your expectations.

Explore More Scales
We offer a variety of scales to meet diverse needs. Explore our different types of scales and find the solution that fits your requirements. Check out the links below for more information:

Commercial Scales: Built for efficiency and durability in commercial settings, ideal for food processing and pharmaceuticals.
Industrial Production Scales: Engineered for large-scale industrial operations, providing robust performance and accuracy.

Discover the perfect scale for your needs with RETCL PROCESS.

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Accurate Freeze Drying, for Uses:
The Benchtop Freeze Dryer merges freeze drying technology with features to enhance performance efficiency. In settings, like labs and small scale production this method effectively keeps pharmaceutical materials intact by preserving their properties and structural integrity during the freeze drying procedure.

Input: Biological specimens, pharmaceuticals, food products

Output: Dried products with preserved integrity

Temperature:-58℃ to -110°C
Experience easy Home Freeze Drying with the RETCL PROCESS:
The compact and efficient Home Food Freeze Dryer is designed for use providing top notch results with hassle. This user friendly appliance is ideal, for preserving foods while keeping their nutrients and flavors intact. The freeze drying process consists of freezing, drying (sublimation) and secondary drying (adsorption) guaranteeing that your food remains well preserved for long term storage.

Input: Fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and prepared meals

Output: Freeze-dried food with extended shelf life

Temperature:-50°C to -80°C (standard)
Cutting-edge Precision Freeze Drying Technology:
The Pilot Freeze Dryer stands out for its accuracy and precision making it a crucial tool, in sectors like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and food processing. This freeze dryer is designed to uphold the chemical and structural integrity of products by drying them at temperatures under vacuum conditions. It provides shelf configurations to accommodate a variety of substances ranging from delicate biological materials, to sturdy chemical compounds.

Input: Liquid, extracts, blocks, slices, stripes

Output: Dehydrated Liquids, Concentrated Extracts, Dried Blocks, Dry Slices, Dry Stripes

Temperature: Capable of achieving temperatures as low as -55°C

Additional Feature: Defrost System
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