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RETCL provides high-precision industrial spray coating equipment for various applications. Our spray coating systems are reliable and efficient. These machines enhance coating processes, meeting high standards and delivering precise results.

Our industrial spray coating equipment includes fluidized bed spray granulators and Wurster fluidized bed granulation coaters, known as effective spray coating systems. Additionally, our spray coating technology ensures efficient and precise processing for various materials and applications.

Moreover, our industrial spray coating equipment meets industry standards. Because we understand the importance of quality in spray coating processes, we ensure our equipment operates efficiently and reliably. Therefore, you can trust RETCL for your spray coating equipment needs. Contact us to learn more about our solutions.

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We offer advanced solutions for various industrial technologies. Explore our different technologies and find the equipment that fits your needs. Check out the links below for more information:

High Shear Granulation: Our high shear granulation solutions offer efficient and consistent granule formation, suitable for various industries.

Fluid Bed Granulation: Our fluid bed granulation technology ensures uniform granule formation with precise control over particle size and moisture content.

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All-in-One Mixing, Granulating, and Drying:
After the main material forms a fluidized bed at the bottom, granules are created with the aid of adhesive sprayed from the top nozzles in the granulating chamber. Subsequently, coating material is sprayed onto the granules from bottom or side nozzles within the chamber for effective coating.

Input: Main ingredient as powder (for granulation) or granules and pellets (for coating), with adhesive or coating material in liquid form

Output: Solid medium-sized granules with 3%-5% moisture content

Type: Spray Fluidized Bed, Wet Granulation

Additional Feature: Mixing, Coating, Drying, Cooling
Combines Mixing, Granulating, Drying for High-Excipient Granulation:
Excipient-rich granulation processes find an ideal match in this unit. Here, excipients in the hopper form a fluidized bed, acting as seeds or carriers. The main material, typically a liquid extract constituting a smaller proportion, is sprayed from above, merging at the bed’s edge for granulation. This method is particularly suited for heat-sensitive materials.

Input: Carrier materials in powder form, main material in liquid form

Output: Solid medium-sized granules,3%-5% moisture content

Type: Spray Fluidized Bed, Wet Granulation

Additional Feature: Mixing, Drying, Cooling
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