Conical Mixer

Conical Mixers, also known as Cone Blenders or Nauta Mixers, revolutionize the blending process with their unique design. These machines excel in gently mixing materials, ensuring homogeneous blends without damaging the product. Their cone-shaped design allows for precise control over the mixing process, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Why Choose a Conical Mixer?

The Conical Mixer technology stands out for its efficiency and versatility. Operating with a screw mechanism that rotates around the cone’s axis, these mixers ensure thorough blending of powders, granules, and pastes. This method proves superior to traditional mixing techniques, offering controlled and gentle blending that preserves the integrity of the materials.

Advantages of Using Conical Blenders

Implementing a Conical Mixer in your process comes with numerous benefits. These machines provide effective mixing with minimal product deformation, essential for sensitive materials. Moreover, the Cone Mixer operates quietly and efficiently, making it a preferred choice for industries focusing on quality and consistency.

Conical Mixers not only enhance mixing efficiency but also improve the overall quality and uniformity of the blend. Whether you’re working with food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or cosmetics, our Conical Blender ensures a safe and reliable solution that meets the highest standards of modern industry practices.

In summary, our range of Conical Mixers, including the versatile Nauta Blender, offers state-of-the-art solutions for your mixing needs. Embrace the innovation of Cone Blender technology to achieve unparalleled blending results across various applications. Discover how our advanced Conical Mixers can transform your production process, delivering superior blends with every batch.

Explore More Mixing Solutions

Achieve perfect blend with our specialized mixers designed for precision and efficiency. Explore other mixing solutions:

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Equipped with Rotating Spiral Belt:
With a screw encased in a belt both rotating simultaneously to create a swirling motion. This setup allows materials to move upwards in a spiral from the base of the cone and then descend due to gravity. Additionally optional features, like spray atomization, jacket heating or cooling are also available.

Input: Solids, Powders, Granules, Liquids

Type: Dry Mixing, Wet Mixing

Additional Feature: Humidifying, Drying, Cooling
Mixer with Multiple Motion Options:
Available in cone or double cone designs the Double Cone Blender features sealing. The chamber moves back and forth on the X axis three times to mix materials ensuring high quality results.

Input: Solid Powders, Granules

Type: Dry Mixing
Complex Motion by Dual Rotating Screws:
Move around creating a spiral motion that lifts materials from the bottom of the cone and allows them to fall naturally due, to gravity. The addition of spray atomization and jacket heating or cooling increases its flexibility.

Input: Solids, Powders, Granules, Liquids

Type: Dry Mixing, Wet Mixing

Additional Feature: Humidifying, Drying, Cooling
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