Round Freeze Dryer

Efficient Industrial Freeze Drying, with RETCL PROCESS:
The RETCL PROCESS Round Freeze Dryer is an industrial grade solution tailored for businesses requiring freeze drying on a scale. With cooling technology and a unique cylindrical design this sturdy equipment can handle quantities effectively ensuring consistent drying results and excellent long term storage across various product types.

Input: Large batches of pharmaceuticals, biological samples, food products, and more

Output: Uniformly freeze-dried products with extended shelf life and retained quality

Temperature: Adjustable settings ranging from -50°C to -80°C

Innovative Features of Round Freeze Dryers:

The Round Freeze Dryer stands out for its features, in freeze drying. It incorporates technology to ensure uniform drying and high efficiency. The round chamber design not maximizes space utilization. Also simplifies loading and unloading processes.

A neatly organized pantry shelf with clear storage containers labeled with handwritten notes, filled with various dry goods, and some items in original packaging. Steel cans are stacked on the side.
Rows of wooden crates filled with fresh green and red apples in a storage room, ready for preservation processing such as using a Benchtop Freeze Dryer.

Maximize Your Output with Round Freeze Dryers

By opting for our Round Freeze Dryer you can boost your production capacity while enhancing product quality and minimizing waste generation. This equipment is ideal, for companies aiming to expand their freeze drying operations.




A technician in blue protective clothing and hairnet is squatting while examining a clipboard and a digital device in a clean industrial environment. Above him, two large, shiny stainless steel vessels are suspended from the ceiling, connected to various pipes and hoses in blue, pink, and white. The machinery appears to be part of a sophisticated processing system, possibly for chemicals or pharmaceuticals, with a focus on hygiene and precision.
A green 3D paper airplane, crafted with intricate folds and a sharp, aerodynamic design, isolated on a white background.
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