Pilot Freeze Dryer

Cutting-edge Precision Freeze Drying Technology:
The Pilot Freeze Dryer stands out for its accuracy and precision making it a crucial tool, in sectors like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and food processing. This freeze dryer is designed to uphold the chemical and structural integrity of products by drying them at temperatures under vacuum conditions. It provides shelf configurations to accommodate a variety of substances ranging from delicate biological materials, to sturdy chemical compounds.

Input: Liquid, extracts, blocks, slices, stripes

Output: Dehydrated Liquids, Concentrated Extracts, Dried Blocks, Dry Slices, Dry Stripes

Temperature: Capable of achieving temperatures as low as -55°C

Additional Feature: Defrost System

Experience Enhanced Drying Accuracy with Pilot Freeze Dryers

The Pilot Freeze Dryer is equipped with silicone oil heating and an aerospace grade acrylic door to provide temperature regulation and clear visibility throughout the drying process. This model streamlines the drying cycle to ensure results improving efficiency for both research and large scale production needs. Tailored for materials it upholds the integrity and quality of pharmaceuticals and biological samples.

A healthcare professional in a white coat holding out various pills and blister packs in their palms, with a stethoscope visible around their neck.
A healthcare worker in a lab coat and gloves holds a rack of blood test tubes, with varying colors of caps, in a clinical setting.

Boost Your Production Capabilities with Pilot Plant Freeze Dryers

The Pilot Freeze Dryer introduces advanced drying technology that guarantees top notch performance and dependability. This dryer is designed to improve the stability of products and extend their shelf life resulting in costs thanks to its energy efficient functions and easy upkeep. It is particularly suitable, for use in laboratories and manufacturing facilities as it streamlines processes and boosts efficiency offering a return on investment.




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