GXP-Closed Circulation Spray Dryer

Optimal Drying for Sensitive Materials:
This explosion-proof spray dryer operates in a sealed environment, using inert gas as the drying medium, perfectly recovers solvents from raw materials. The recyclable drying medium ensures superior protection for sensitive materials.

Input: Solutions, Emulsions, Suspensions

Output: Powder with 3%-8% moisture content

Temperature: Inlet air temperature range of 100°C to 300°C

Suitability: Anaerobic, explosion-proof and low-temperature conditions

Eco-Friendly Spray Drying Solution with Closed Circulation Technology

The Closed Circulation Spray Dryer is a sustainable and efficient option for drying requirements in various industries. It reflects our dedication to innovation and eco practices providing a system that meets stringent industry standards, including those for explosion proof specifications. Discover how our Closed Circulation Spray Dryer can revolutionize your drying processes by offering a combination of safety, effectiveness and quality assurance.

A Closed Circulation Spray Dryer set up in an industrial environment, featuring a tall cylindrical body with inspection windows and a conical bottom. The structure is supported by a metal frame with stair access, highlighting its closed-loop design for safe, controlled drying processes.



A technician in blue protective clothing and hairnet is squatting while examining a clipboard and a digital device in a clean industrial environment. Above him, two large, shiny stainless steel vessels are suspended from the ceiling, connected to various pipes and hoses in blue, pink, and white. The machinery appears to be part of a sophisticated processing system, possibly for chemicals or pharmaceuticals, with a focus on hygiene and precision.
A green 3D paper airplane, crafted with intricate folds and a sharp, aerodynamic design, isolated on a white background.
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