RETCL Delivers Spray Dryer and Cabinet Dryer to Customer for Boron Material Production

RETCL has successfully delivered a spray dryer and tray dryer to Boronten Technology, for the production of boron materials. The equipment was designed and manufactured according to the customer’s specific requirements. Our team of engineers and technicians ensured that the equipment met the highest quality standards and was delivered to Boronten Technology on time.

Founded in November 2007, Boronten Technology specializes in the research, development, production, and sales of stable chemical isotopes, a niche yet crucial area in the chemical industry. Expressing high satisfaction with the equipment provided, Boronten has swiftly commenced production utilizing the state-of-the-art machinery supplied by RETCL. This partnership marks a significant achievement for both parties involved, showcasing a seamless collaboration geared towards innovation and excellence.

Looking ahead, RETCL remains steadfast in its mission to support its customers’ ambitions with unparalleled solutions. The company’s dedication to innovation, quality assurance, and customer service is at the core of its business philosophy. Our goal is to continue forging strong partnerships like the one with Boronten Technology, aiming to be an integral part of their clients’ success stories. RETCL is growing with the industry. It aims to meet client needs. RETCL adapts its offerings. It expands to serve diverse clients. We wants to predict client needs. It works to be a trusted equipment provider. The focus is on chemical processing gear.

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