Join RETCL PROCESS at ASIA PHARMA EXPO 2024 & ASIA LAB EXPO 2024 in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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I am pleased to inform you about the Asia Pharma Expo 2024 which is anticipated to be an industry gathering, for pharmaceuticals and laboratory technology in Bangladesh and its neighboring areas. With over two decades of experience as a manufacturer of drying and granulating equipment RETCL PROCESS is thrilled to confirm our participation in this exhibition scheduled from February 29th to March 2nd, 2024 in Dhaka.

Attendees visiting our booth 3605D at Hall 3 of the Bangabandhu Bangladesh China Friendship Exhibition Centre (BBCFEC) will have the opportunity to explore our product models focusing on fluidized bed spray granulation, rotary vacuum drying, flash drying and spray drying.

Our knowledgeable team members will be available at the booth to provide detailed product catalogs and expert advice.

Introduction to Asia Pharma Expo 2024 & Asia Lab Expo 2024

The Asia Pharma Expo 2024 and Asia Lab Expo 2024 in Dhaka serve as the platform for the pharmaceutical and laboratory sectors within the region. Hosted by Expogroup these concurrent events are expected to draw than 300 exhibitors and around 15,000 industry professionals.

Renowned companies will exhibit state of the art technologies, equipment offerings and solutions catering to pharmaceutical production processes scientific laboratory setups, analytical testing facilities among others. In addition, to the exhibition showcases attendees can look forward to engaging in conferences and seminars conducted by industry professionals.

Exhibition Information

Dates: February 29th, to March 2nd 2024

Venue: Bangabandhu Bangla China Friendship Exhibition Center (BBCFEC) located on Purbachal Express Highway in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Focus Areas: Highlighting pharmaceutical manufacturing, laboratory technology and analytical instruments

Event Size: Over 300 exhibitors and than 15,000 trade attendees expected to participate

Key Features

Cutting Edge Discoveries: Explore an array of products and technologies from various countries many of which are making their debut at this event.
Insightful Sessions: Attend seminars conducted by scientists, researchers and industry experts to gain knowledge.
Global Networking Opportunities: Connect with decision makers from scientific organizations across Asia.
Industry Synergy: Witness the convergence of the pharma and lab sectors at one of Asias B2B platforms fostering new partnerships and collaborations.

Why You Should Join

Innovative Solutions: Discover state of the art technologies to enhance your pharmaceutical production processes quality control labs, analytical testing capabilities and more.
Tailored Guidance: Engage with company representatives to discuss your needs for selecting the equipment setups.
Savings Benefits: Avail discounts and offers exclusively available during the exhibition for cost purchases.
Networking Advantage: Forge valuable relationships with manufacturers and distributors, through networking opportunities provided at the expo.Join sessions led by experts, in the field to gain valuable strategic and scientific insights that can be put into practice right away.
Regional Focus: Uncover the opportunities emerging across countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and beyond as part of South Asias leading industry platform.

Introducing Drying and Granulating Equipment by RETCL PROCESS

Established in 2004 RETCL PROCESS specializes in tailor made solutions for drying, granulating and material handling needs in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing and mineral industries. With two decades of industry expertise under our belt we offer a product range geared towards maximizing efficiency, reliability and product excellence.

Operating from our facility spanning over 13,000 square meters allows us to fine tune each system to precise requirements while keeping costs in check. Committed to research and development efforts our team of 40 engineers is continuously enhancing designs and exploring new configurations.

Attendees at our booth at Asia Pharma Expo will have the opportunity to view the following highlighted equipment up close and engage with our sales staff;

Highlighted Equipment at Booth Hall 3. 3605 D

All in One Versatile Granulation and Drying Solution

Our Fluidized Bed Spray Granulator seamlessly combines granulation with drying through a process that involves circulating airflow for consistent heat distribution, within powders. This feature allows for:

Effective drying and cooling
Quick processing times
Consistent granule size distribution
Handling of heat materials

Various Setup Options

We provide choices such, as top spray, bottom spray and tangential spray designs to tailor the drying process according to your needs;

Top spray ideal for smaller batches
Bottom spray offers better control for larger quantities
Tangential setup minimizes direct heat exposure

Broad Capacity Range

Easily adjust production levels with modular unit expansions ranging from 10L to 2000L.

Witness It In Operation

Experience demonstrations showcasing the fluidized bed efficiently handling materials that are too sticky, cohesive or moist for traditional drum granulators.

Gentle Vacuum Drying

Preserving the potency of heat ingredients is crucial. Our Rotary Vacuum Dryer is specifically designed to dry materials at low temperatures while maintaining effectiveness.

The key lies in the double cone drum that rotates slowly within a pressure environment. This ensures temperatures throughout the chamber for uniform drying. Additionally the tumbling motion guarantees contact between the batch and the heated surface, for outcomes.
Here are the main benefits:

Maintains the quality of compounds
Precise control, over temperatures and vacuum pressures
Made of hygienic stainless steel materials
Ensures thorough mixing for consistent drying results

We have units available in sizes ranging from 50L for small research and development batches to industrial scale models up to 20m3. The automated PLC controls enable programming for repeatable drying processes.

Come visit our booth to see a demonstration of our lab scale model drying a test batch! Our team of chemical engineers can provide guidance on setting the vacuum temperature and pressure settings tailored to your heat materials.

Lightning Fast Drying in Than 30 Seconds

Our Flash Dryers use a dynamic hot air cyclone to dry powders that are sensitive to heat and prone to degradation. As the name suggests, complete drying is achieved in under half a minute!

This rapid efficiency makes it suitable for materials that’re heat sensitive, explosive or flammable and may deteriorate with exposure to heat. It can handle substances that’re too unstable for spray or fluidized bed dryers with ease.

How It Operates:

The pneumatic conveying system at the top instantly removes surface moisture as powders travel through the air vortex. The intense turbulence facilitates heat transfer, for rapid drying times while integrated cyclones gently collect the dried powder.

Benefits Overview:

Quick drying in, than 30 seconds
production flow
Space saving compact design
Dust prevention with enclosed structure
Available models ranging from 10 m2 to 200 m2 capacity

We will showcase live demonstrations featuring different powder volumes drying at a remarkable speed! Share your desired residual moisture level with our engineers for tailored air temperature and flow settings.

Converting Liquid to Powder

If you aim for powders instead of liquids our Spray Dryers can transform pumpable feedstocks into particles of precise sizes and residual moisture levels.

How the Process Works

The atomized spray nozzles convert liquids into a mist of droplets within the drying chamber. The hot air swiftly evaporates the moisture while integrated cyclones collect the dried powder below.

We set up closed loop systems that reuse gases to prevent oxidation. The sanitary cGMP construction allows for applications. Transport between production lines is simplified with turnkey skid mounting.

Scale Options

Laboratory R&D scale; 5L/hr
Pilot batches; 30L/hr
production; 300L/hr

With, over 300 parameters including atomizing pressures, temperatures and particle size distributions based on liquid properties. Come see our lab unit transforming a milk sample into powder! Feel free to bring up to 5 liters of any liquid, for testing. Talk to our process engineers about customizing the nozzle, airflow and separation details for your liquids.

Brochures and Expert Team Available at Our Booth

For information on these offerings and our complete range stop by RETCL PROCESS at booth #3605D in Hall 3 to chat with our sales team. Grab product catalogs, case studies and brochures. Our experienced representatives can recommend the solutions for enhancing your production processes based on over 240 installations in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

Invitation to Visit RETCL PROCESS Booth

We extend an invitation to manufacturers, R&D labs, universities, pilot plants and organizations involved in drying, granulation or solids handling across Bangladesh and neighboring regions to discover our state of the art products at Asia Pharma Expo 2024.

Experience our equipment innovations firsthand. Consult with our industry experts onsite. As part of an expo promotion we are offering discounts, on top of our already competitive prices. Don’t miss this chance to upgrade your processes with cutting edge technology supported by two decades of engineering experience.


For inquiries, about our products and services at RETCL PROCESS feel free to get in touch with our sales team of the exhibition. You can reach us directly using the following contact information.

Location: No.569, Changhe Road, Zhenglu Town, Tianning District, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China (Manufacturing Center)


Phone: +86 180 2197 2660 (Assistance in English and Chinese)

If you are unable to attend the exhibition you can explore our product range on the RETCL PROCESS website. Contact us to receive pricing information, for Fluid Bed Spray Granulators, Rotary Vacuum Dryers, Flash Dryers, Spray Dryers or any other drying and material handling solutions you may require. Our adaptable engineering team is capable of designing systems tailored to your needs.

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