RETCL Attended the 6th China General Machinery and Chemical Equipment Expo 2022

RETCL’s Showcase at the Expo

RETCL showed its skills at the expo. The event was in Zibo, Shandong. It was from July 15 to July 17, 2022. Zibo is famous for chemicals, food, and farms. The expo took up 30,000 square meters. Over 2,000 exhibitors came. They were from the chemical machinery field. Many buyers also came to the expo.

At the expo, RETCL (Rapidrex Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.) demonstrated its advanced chemical machinery solutions, including the conical vacuum dryerspray dryer and rotary vacuum dryer. These pieces of machinery equipment are pivotal in various industries such as food processing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and sludge treatment. RETCL’s booth became a hub for potential clients keen on discussing and seeking consultancy on their specific needs, ranging from material characteristics to treatment processes. The firm’s experts provided professional consulting services, offering solutions to the current challenges faced by visitors.

Navigating Challenges During COVID-19

COVID-19 slowed down exhibitions and travel. Yet, RETCL still took part in a big way. This helped strengthen its role in Zibo and Shandong. It has many partners there. Mr. Yao is the founder and CEO of RETCL. He talked about wanting to work with clients worldwide. He looks forward to more business partnerships. This will happen when health rules become less strict.

About Us

RETCL stands as a beacon in the chemical equipment and machinery equipment industry, offering a comprehensive portfolio that includes not only dryers but also mixers, granulators, pulverizers, and an array of accessories. With a focus on industries like food, chemicals, pharma, petroleum, energy, and the environment, RETCL is committed to delivering high-quality solutions and services that meet the evolving needs of its clients.

This participation underscores RETCL’s dedication to excellence and its role as a key player in the machinery equipment and chemical equipment markets, looking forward to expanding its global footprint and contributing to the success of its clients worldwide.

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RETCL provides portfolio including dryers, mixers, granulators, pulverizers as well as accessories and comprehensive services