GHL-Wet Rapid Mixing Granulator

Cutting edge Wet Granulation Technology:
A paddle located at the base swiftly mixes powders and sticky substances within a tube shaped container. Subsequently a rapid chopper, on the side chops the mixture into wet particles to prevent clumping. This rapid process facilitates mixing and formation of particles within minutes. Moreover the Wet Rapid Mixing Granulator can provide heating or cooling as necessary.

Input: Main material in powder form, binding agent as paste

Output: Solid, loose granules with approximately 15% moisture content

Type: Mixing Granulation, Wet Granulation

Additional Feature: Mixing, Mild Crushing, Heating, Cooling

Efficient Solution for Wet Mixing Granulation

The Wet Rapid Mixing Granulator utilizes top notch mixing and granulating techniques to ensure high quality granule production. It is compatible with a variety of materials to allow for uniform mixing while minimizing waste. This does not enhance productivity, but also increases the efficiency and quality of the final product.

A Wet Rapid Mixing Granulator featuring a large mixing bowl with a clear lid, stainless steel construction, and various inlet pipes, set in an industrial manufacturing space with natural light.



A technician in blue protective clothing and hairnet is squatting while examining a clipboard and a digital device in a clean industrial environment. Above him, two large, shiny stainless steel vessels are suspended from the ceiling, connected to various pipes and hoses in blue, pink, and white. The machinery appears to be part of a sophisticated processing system, possibly for chemicals or pharmaceuticals, with a focus on hygiene and precision.
A green 3D paper airplane, crafted with intricate folds and a sharp, aerodynamic design, isolated on a white background.
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