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LDH-Plough Mixer-RETCL Process
LDH-Plough Mixer-RETCL Process

LDH-Plough Mixer

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The machine is composed of four parts: transmission mechanism, horizontal cylinder, plough knife and flying knife. The material is axially flowing along the cylinder wall under the action of plough knife, and when the material flows through the flying knife, it is thrown by the high speed rotating flying knife, so as to achieve uniform mixing in a short time.


The equipment can be applied to chemical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, food, feed, feed additives, plastics and other industries solid-solid (powder and powder), solid-liquid (powder with a small amount of liquid) mixing and wet granulation, drying and other composite processes; especially suitable for viscous or gelatinous additives mixing.

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LDH-Plough Mixer
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