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Conical Mixer

The mixing part of the conical mixer is one or two spirals and screws.

The mixing parts inside the chamber rotate around their own axis while (rotation), and also do planetary movement (revolution) along the inner wall of the conical container with the rotation of the cantilever around the central axis of the conical container. The material is repeatedly lifted with the spiral rotation and rotation, and convection, shearing, convection and other movements are produced in the cone, thus being mixed evenly. The equipment can be equipped with heating, cooling, vacuum and other auxiliary equipment according to the requirements of users to meet various needs.

The machine has a wide range of applications, large volume, no residual material discharge, energy saving, and wide adaptability to the mixture. Heat-sensitive materials will not overheat, and granular materials can be kept intact as much as possible.

  • Applicable materials: The conical mixer is suitable for mixing powder and powder, granule and powder, powder and a small amount of liquid.
  • Applicable industries: It is widely used in chemical, dye, pigment, pesticide, veterinary medicine, pharmaceutical, plastic and auxiliary industries.


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2 products