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HG-Single Drum Scraper Dryer-RETCL Process
HG-Single Drum Scraper Dryer-RETCL Process
HG-Single Drum Scraper Dryer-RETCL Process
HG-Single Drum Scraper Dryer-RETCL Process
HG-Single Drum Scraper Dryer-RETCL Process
HG-Single Drum Scraper Dryer-RETCL Process

HG-Single Drum Scraper Dryer

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Working Principle

The drum dryer is a kind of rotating continuous drying equipment with internal heat conduction. The rotating drum, through its lower trough, adheres to a thickness of material film, and the heat is conveyed to the inner wall of the drum through the pipeline, conducted to the outer wall of the drum, and then to the material film, so that the wet in the material film is evaporated, dehumidified, and the material containing moisture is dried. The dried material is shoveled away from the drum by the scraper on the surface of the drum and goes to the spiral conveyor below the scraper, through which the dry material is concentrated and packed.

Performance Characteristics

High thermal efficiency: Because the heat transfer mechanism of the drum dryer is heat conduction, the heat transfer direction is consistent throughout the operation cycle, except for the cover heat dissipation and heat radiation loss, the rest of the heat is all used for the evaporation of the wet part of the cylinder material film, so the thermal efficiency can reach 70%-80%.

Large flexibility of operation and wide applicability: many drying factors of the drum dryer can be adjusted. Such as the concentration of the feed material, the thickness of the coating film, the temperature of the heating medium, the rotation speed of the drum, etc., can change the drying efficiency of the drum dryer, and many factors are not involved with each other. This brings great convenience to the operation of the drum dryer, which makes it adaptable to the drying of many kinds of materials and different output requirements.

Short drying time: the drying cycle of materials is generally only 10-300 seconds, in suitable for heat-sensitive materials. If the drum dryer is set in a vacuum, it can operate under reduced pressure conditions.

Large drying rate: Because the material film smeared on the cylinder wall by the coating is very thin, generally in 0.3-1.5mm, and the direction of heat and mass transfer is the same, the surface of the material film can keep the evaporation strength of 20-70kg.H2O/m².h.

Applicable Materials

This equipment is suitable for drying liquid or more viscous materials in chemical, dyestuff, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy and other industries.

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HG-Single Drum Scraper Dryer
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