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DZLG-Single Cone Ribbon Screw Vacuum Dryer-RETCL Process
DZLG-Single Cone Ribbon Screw Vacuum Dryer-RETCL Process

DZLG-Single Cone Ribbon Screw Vacuum Dryer

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Product Overview

DZLG series screw belt vacuum dryer is a new generation of vacuum drying and mixing equipment developed by our factory after digesting and absorbing similar products from abroad, which is a combination of drying, crushing, vacuum decompression and powder mixing, consisting of motor, reducer, frame, mechanical seal, filter, screw belt agitator, cone cylinder with jacket heating and discharge valve, etc. It can realize the whole process as closed continuous operation, and its drying efficiency is 3~5 times of the same specification SZG series double cone rotary vacuum dryer, mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, food and other industries for powder drying.

Working principle

The material enters the drying cavity and is heated by the jacket and the stirring ribbon. The material is stirred by the ribbon in an orderly manner, turned over, lifted and dropped, so that the material is constantly in contact with the wall of the heating cavity for forced heat exchange and the heated and volatile solvent is pumped away under vacuum, thus achieving the purpose of rapid drying.

Equipment characteristics

  • Strong practicality: combined with the special drying process of our company, it can adapt to the drying of materials with large viscosity, poor penetration, easy to roll balls, easy to hold lumps into Hu.
  • Large production capacity: the loading capacity is large, the maximum can reach 80% of the effective volume of the container.
  • High drying efficiency: the effective heat transfer area is large, 1.4 times the area inside the container; the material is spirally lifted in the apparatus, and then vortex descends along the main shaft, which is uniformly and effectively heated in the dispersing movement; the high vacuum at the head is combined with the same temperature and high-speed airflow at the bottom of the machine in the same direction, which efficiently takes away the solvent of the material; the double-channel vacuum orifice prevents vacuum blockage, reduces resistance and improves the pumping rate.
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DZLG-Single Cone Ribbon Screw Vacuum Dryer
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