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PLG-Plate Continuous Dryer-RETCL Process
PLG-Plate Continuous Dryer-RETCL Process
PLG-Plate Continuous Dryer-RETCL Process
PLG-Plate Continuous Dryer-RETCL Process
PLG-Plate Continuous Dryer-RETCL Process
PLG-Plate Continuous Dryer-RETCL Process

PLG-Plate Continuous Dryer

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Product Introduction

PLG disc type continuous dryer is a kind of high-efficiency conduction type continuous drying equipment. Its unique structure and working principle determine its high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, simple configuration, convenient operation and control, good operating environment, etc. It is widely used in drying operations in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, feed, agricultural by-product processing and other industries. It is highly appraised in the practice of using in various industries. Now the production and manufacture of atmospheric pressure, closed, vacuum three types, 1200, 1500, 2200, 3000 four, A (carbon steel), B (contact with the material parts are cloth stainless steel), C (on the basis of B, add steam pipeline, spindle and support for stainless steel, cylinder body and cover top lined with stainless steel). Three kinds of materials, drying area of 4 ~ 180m², a total of several hundred models of series products, and can provide with the matching kind of auxiliary equipment.

Applicable materials

  • Drying Pyrolysis Combustion Cooling Reaction Sublimation
  • Organic chemical products
  • Inorganic chemical products
  • Medicine, food
  • Feed, Fertilizer

Working principle

Wet materials are continuously added to the first layer of drying disc on the upper part of the dryer from the feeder, and the rake arm with rake leaf makes rotary motion so that the rake arm makes rotary motion so that the rake leaf continuously plows the materials. Materials along the index spiral line flow over the surface of the dryer plate, the materials on the small dryer plate are moved to the outer edge and fall to the outer edge of the big dryer plate below, the materials on the big dryer plate move inward and fall to the next layer of small dryer plate from the middle drop port. The size of the drying tray is arranged alternately up and down, and the material can flow through the whole dryer continuously. The heating medium is in the form of saturated steam, hot water and heat-conducting oil, and the heating medium enters from one end of the drying tray and is exported from the other end. The dried materials fall from the last layer of the drying tray to the bottom of the shell, and are finally moved by the rake leaves to the discharge port. The wet part escapes from the material and is discharged from the moisture discharge port located on the top cover, and the moisture of the vacuum type disc dryer is discharged from the vacuum pump port located on the top cover. The dry material discharged from the bottom layer can be packed directly. By adding auxiliary machines such as fin heater, solvent recovery condenser, bag type dust collector, dry material re-mixing mechanism and induced fan, its drying capacity can be improved, and dry paste-like and heat-sensitive materials can be easily recovered as solvent, and pyrolysis and reaction operation can be carried out.

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PLG-Plate Continuous Dryer
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