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Since 2006

Professional Process Systems for the Food, Chemical, Pharma, Petroleum, Environment etc.

RETCL provides portfolio including dryers, mixers, granulators, pulverizers as well as accessories and comprehensive services.

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Why Choose us?

15+ years' experience

Self-owned factory

Pre-sales testing service

Highly customizable design

Worldwide availability
Outstanding R&D capability
Apply for multiple patents annually

Held multiple invention patents

Owned a number of utility model patents



  • The after-sales service from RETCL is very responsive and reliable.
    We purchased a series of equipment years ago and can still buy related parts and modification services from RETCL to extend the life of the equipment.
    Mr. B. K. Tan
    Yee Kong Coffee & Food
  • We are an automotive interior parts company. In order to obtain an especially important order from a leading global car company, we worked with RETCL to customize a range of equipment and successfully produce products that perfectly met the customer's requirements.
    Ms. A.D. Chou
How It Works
Learn about our professional full-cycle and full-process services.



Is pre-sales testing available?
Yes, it is highly recommended to conduct pre-sales testing of raw materials with us when customers do not sure which type of equipment or production process should be applied.
Can RETCL provide customized products or solutions?
Yes. In addition to standardized products, engineers in our R&D team also help customers obtain customized solutions with corresponding drawings and detailed configuration lists. This can perfectly fit the needs of our customers, no matter what industry they come from.
Does RETCL have self-owned manufacturing facility?
Yes, all the products we offer are produced in our own factory located in Changzhou and have been undergone rigorous testing.
Does RETCL provide on-site support service?

Yes, we can offer on-site support worldwide by our professional engineers to help our customers to optimize the equipment. This may be separately quoted as a service.