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YK-Swing Granulator-RETCL
YK-Swing Granulator-RETCL
YK-Swing Granulator-RETCL
YK-Swing Granulator-RETCL
YK-Swing Granulator-RETCL
YK-Swing Granulator-RETCL

YK-Swing Granulator

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This machine is a kind of special equipment to make granules of moist powder mixture by passing through the screen compulsorily under the effect of forward and reverse rotation of the rotating drum.


Swing granulator is mainly applied to food, health care, pharmaceutical, chemical, test material and other industries of the particles, the classic materials are: cold punch granules, Banlangen granules, ginger tea granules, root powder punch granules, etc.


  • It is very convenient to change the sieve to make granules of different diameters.
  • Through the screen extrusion granulation, particle diameter is very uniform.


  • Adjust the tightness of the screen and the rotational speed of the drum, you can control the particle size and density of the particles to a certain extent.
  • Shaft rotation sealing is good, will not pollute the material: the main shaft of the machine is above the gearbox, and designed with a tight shaft head sealing structure, to ensure that the shaft does not seep oil, do not wear material, to avoid material contamination by lubricants, to meet the GMP requirements.
  • Beautiful shape, easy to clean; the machine shell all adopt stainless steel brushed plate packaging, beautiful and generous appearance, easy to clean, easy to operate, the machine needs to clean the parts of the granulation cavity only part, mainly the screen and hexagonal drum. The roller does not need to be disassembled, the screen is easy to disassemble and very light, very convenient to clean.
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YK-Swing Granulator
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