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LZG-Spiral Vibrating Dryer-RETCL
LZG-Spiral Vibrating Dryer-RETCL
LZG-Spiral Vibrating Dryer-RETCL
LZG-Spiral Vibrating Dryer-RETCL
LZG-Spiral Vibrating Dryer-RETCL
LZG-Spiral Vibrating Dryer-RETCL

LZG-Spiral Vibrating Dryer

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Product Overview

The wet material enters the spiral bed from the top feeding port, and under the action of circumferential excitation force and gravity, the material jumps along the spiral bed from top to bottom until the bottom; at the same time, clean hot air enters from the bottom of the spiral bed, and after sufficient heat and mass transfer with the material distributed on the bed, it is discharged from the top discharge port. Thus, the material achieves the purpose of drying.

Product Application

This kind of drying equipment products are mainly applied to the drying of traditional Chinese medicine pills; it can also be applied to the drying of granular, short strip and spherical materials in chemical, constraint, food, plastic, building materials, feed and other industries.

Main features

  • The hot air passes through the material layer many times and flows in the opposite direction with the material, so that the heat exchange is sufficient and the thermal efficiency is high.
  • Compact structure, small footprint.
  • The residence time of materials in the bed can be adjusted, and it is convenient to operate.
  • Materials along the spiral bed from bottom to top for circular motion at the same time, they also produce their own jump, thus increasing the contact between the materials and hot air, enhancing the drying effect.
  • The continuous feeding and unloading is suitable for assembly line operation, and it is easy to reach the "GMP" standard, which can replace the traditional box drying.
  • There is basically no damage to the surface and shape of the material, which not only ensures the roundness of the pills, but also greatly reduces the broken rate of the pills.
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LZG-Spiral Vibrating Dryer
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