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HZG-Rotary Drum Calciner-RETCL
HZG-Rotary Drum Calciner-RETCL
HZG-Rotary Drum Calciner-RETCL
HZG-Rotary Drum Calciner-RETCL
HZG-Rotary Drum Calciner-RETCL
HZG-Rotary Drum Calciner-RETCL

HZG-Rotary Drum Calciner

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Globally Operation and Service
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Working Principle

After the wet material is put in from one end of the dryer, the material is evenly distributed and dispersed in the dryer under the flip of the copying plate in the inner cylinder, and fully contacted with the hot air in parallel flow (countercurrent), which accelerates the drying heat transfer and the transfer to the driving force. During the drying process, the material is moved to the star discharge valve of another section of the dryer in a controlled manner under the action of the copying plate with inclination and the hot air flow, and the finished product is discharged.


Performance characteristics

  • The rotary dryer has high mechanization and large production capacity.
  • The resistance of fluid passing through the cylinder is small, and the function consumption is low.
  • The adaptability to material characteristics is relatively strong.
  • Stable operation, low operating cost and good uniformity of product drying.


Applicable materials

  • Large particles in chemical, mining, metallurgy and other industries.
  • The drying of powder and granular materials with special requirements.
  • Materials which require low-temperature drying, and need large quantities of continuous drying.
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HZG-Rotary Drum Calciner
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