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ZLPG-Extract Spray Dryer-RETCL
ZLPG-Extract Spray Dryer-RETCL
ZLPG-Extract Spray Dryer-RETCL
ZLPG-Extract Spray Dryer-RETCL
ZLPG-Extract Spray Dryer-RETCL
ZLPG-Extract Spray Dryer-RETCL

ZLPG-Extract Spray Dryer

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Customized Model
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Product introduction

The machine adopts totally closed form, all parts are made of stainless steel, equipped with three-stage purification device, the filtered air reaches 100,000 grade requirements. The cylinder and the top are equipped with cold wall device, so that the wall temperature <80℃, and the drying tower is equipped with air brush sweeping tower device. The powder of extract dried by this machine will not appear the phenomenon of coking and deterioration, greatly increase the rate of powder collection (more than 95%), and will not produce the phenomenon of mixing medicine and sticky wall.


Working Principle

High-speed centrifugal spraying device of extract is the application of centrifugal spray drying technology in the drying of specific materials, but also the use of high-speed centrifugal atomizer to disperse the materials into mist, and fully contact with hot air to complete the instant drying, the formation of powder-like finished drying device.


Performance features

  • Tower with a cold air jacket.
  • The tower is equipped with an automatic vibrating device.
  • Tower, pipeline with quick-open cleaning holes and drainage holes.
  • Can be equipped with automatic control thermostatic filling tank.
  • Can be equipped with manual high-pressure washing tower with random accessories
  • The part in contact with the material is made of stainless steel; (or all stainless-steel manufacturing).
  • Material collection using two-stage cyclone dust collector, or a cyclone dust collector and wet dust collector.
  • Automatic control and continuous device for inlet air temperature.
  • Can be equipped with air sweeping device.
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ZLPG-Extract Spray Dryer
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