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SYH-3D Swing Mixer-RETCL
SYH-3D Swing Mixer-RETCL
SYH-3D Swing Mixer-RETCL
SYH-3D Swing Mixer-RETCL
SYH-3D Swing Mixer-RETCL
SYH-3D Swing Mixer-RETCL

SYH-3D Swing Mixer

Case-by-Case Customization
Globally Operation and Service
Critical Quality Control
Full Life-cycle Support
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Performance characteristics

The barrel used for loading is driven by the active shaft to make the compound movement of translation, rotation and tumbling, etc. from week to week, so that the materials can make the compound movement along the barrel in three directions, thus realizing the mutual flow, diffusion, accumulation and admixture of various materials to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing.

The mixing barrel of this machine can be multi-directional movement, no centrifugal force effect of materials, no specific gravity deviation and stratification, accumulation phenomenon, each component can have a disparity in weight ratio, high mixing rate. This equipment is the more ideal product among all kinds of mixers at present. The cylinder loading rate is large, up to 90% (only 50% of the ordinary mixing machine), high efficiency, short mixing time. The barrel is rounded and polished in various places.

Applicable materials

This equipment can be used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry, electronics, machinery, mining and metallurgy, national defense industry and a variety of scientific research units of powder, granular materials of high uniformity of mixing. 


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SYH-3D Swing Mixer
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