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EYH-2D Rolling Mixer-RETCL
EYH-2D Rolling Mixer-RETCL
EYH-2D Rolling Mixer-RETCL
EYH-2D Rolling Mixer-RETCL
EYH-2D Rolling Mixer-RETCL
EYH-2D Rolling Mixer-RETCL

EYH-2D Rolling Mixer

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Working Principle

Two-dimensional mixer is mainly composed of three major parts: rotating cylinder, oscillating frame and frame. The rotating cylinder is mounted on the swing frame, supported by four rollers and axially positioned by two stop wheels. Among the four supporting rollers, two of the drive wheels are dragged by the rotating power system to make the rotating cylinder rotate, and the swing frame is driven by a set of crank pendulum mechanism, which is on the frame, and the swing frame is supported by the bearing assembly on the frame.


  • Simple structure, low manufacturing cost. Small space occupation, low one-time investment and production cost.
  • Easy to operate, smooth running and low noise. The rotating speed of the material cylinder can be adjusted and controlled.
  • Short mixing time and high mixing precision.
  • The materials are mixed in a fully enclosed state without contact with the outside world, which ensures the cleanliness of the materials.
  • Adding and discharging can be done in a closed state, so that the dust does not spread out and does not pollute the environment, and the internal structure is simple and easy to clean. It conforms to "GMP" standard. 
  • Compared with "3D", the barrel can be made bigger to increase the mixing batch and reduce the batch, so that the user can reduce the production cost.


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EYH-2D Rolling Mixer
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