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Fluidized Bed Granulator


Fluidized bed granulator is one of the commonly used processing equipment in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. It is a multi-purpose equipment in which mixing, granulation and drying processes can be carried out. It can be set with different parameters (residual moisture, solids content, particle size, etc.) and equipped with different configurations to match different applications and achieve the most varied product characteristics.

Fluidized bed spray granulation is a method of making free-flowing particles from liquids, where liquids containing solids (e.g. suspensions, solutions or melts) are sprayed into a fluidized bed system. The aqueous or organic solution then immediately evaporates, while the solids form small particles.

These particles are sprayed together with other liquids, which in turn form a hard coating. Thus, the particles are suitable for making tablets as well as for the final coating. The granules are grown in layers, making them more dense and at the same time resistant to abrasion. Spray granulation produces pellets of medium size.

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3 products