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Belt Dryer

The belt dryer consists of a rectangular drying chamber with a dense metal mesh moving on rollers.

Circulating hot air is supplied from the bottom of the conveyor belt and the hot air passes through this layer, causing the moisture of the material to evaporate and finally reach the desired moisture content.

The belt dryer can be done in large sizes and it has a large output. Therefore it can be used for large scale production and also for continuous production.

The belt can run at a very low speed and the speed can be adjusted over a wide range to regulate the drying time of the material. The temperature of the air can also be adjusted to cope with the different heat sensitive characteristics of the material being dried.

The drying chamber of a belt dryer is not sealed. However, a sealed design with a vacuum pump can be used, i.e. a vacuum belt dryer. The belt dryer can also be used as sludge dryer.

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2 products